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Mino Siciliano
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Mino Siciliano

Mino Siciliano was born in Nardo` (Lecce) the 28.02.1952.
Since 1970, the father of two children, Sonia and Saro, has lived near Frankfurt. Originally he was to become an expert in agriculture, however, his love for music was stronger. To please his mother he took his diploma in oenology. The turning-point in his affair with music took place when he was waiting for a haircut in a relative`s hairdresser`s shop who, with an old guitar, used to accompany himself singing. He felt as if struck by lightning, there was a strong interest in this instrument , he wanted to try and use it. He asked his mother, of course it was only an excuse, for permission to frequent this shop in order to learn the job of a hairdresser. From this moment on he dedicated himself to the guitar. Soon he was invited  by different bands in the area. One of these groups had Adriano Pappalardo as their lead singer.
In 1970, on the occasion of a performance in Germany with his band, he got such a generous offer  that he decided to stay and live there, and he has done so ever since.
In 1979 he met Peter Orloff, then a famous singer in Germany, who was so much impressed by his musical talent that he suggested he should produce his First record together with Michele Puzzangaro, a singer of Sicilian  origin. As a stage name for their duo they chose Del Faro and one of their first records was  “Dove vai”.From then on Mino Siciliano has written music and lyrics for various singers.
In 1985, he founded, together with SASCH fashion company, his first label : SASCH Records.
1988, the year of the Olympic Games at Seoul, was the year of his breakthrough as a producer:For weeks his Olympia hymn “ Go for gold” was at the head of the charts, and it stayed in the charts for months to come.

GOLD...Olympic Games in Seoul: As Executive Producer of the hymn "Go for Gold" he helps to promote the song to the Top Ten for

WOMAN...Together with Harold Faltermayer ( AXEL F.) he produces the remake of "Black Magic Woman" in which he sings himself and plays the guitar.

LA BOUCHE...For MITSUBISHI he composes and produces the song "ALL I WANT" for a TV and radio spot.

Project Alliance...
he plays the guitar beside other musicians, like the drummer Curt Cress.

FIAT... he has his share in the composition and production of the song "You are all I need" for the CD "SOUND OF FIAT.
because of his placement among the ten most successful producers of the year 1989 he wins the right to take part in the Grand Prix.

DRIVE ALIVE...For the campaign for the MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER he composes, produces and publishes the promotion CD under his own label CLIP MUSIC.

CORINNA MAY..."Frei Sein" (Being Free) is the song he writes and produces for the Electronic Book Reader, Optrofon. Among others this CD is available from Optron company.
DEL FARO...With the Italo-Dance song "Bandiera La Playa Del Sol"from the 1980`s he has a world-wide success, for example in Latinamerica, Japan and Europe.